CPN/SCN Funding Program

Cpn funding Your FICO Scores will not matter!

This is what we can offer you. . . 

• We obtain and set up a new CPN/SCN for you

• Run a skip trace on your CPN/SCN number

• Validate your CPN/SCN with credit agencies

• Apply at 2 major Creditors to further validate your CPN/SCN

• Add 3-4 trade lines 

• We apply you for credit lines through our network of lenders

• Credit ranges from $55k to $250k

Total Cost Upfront $4000

Total Back End Fees 13% of the loan 

Go ClearXchange to send your Payment.

Payment Email: TalkBusinessCredit@gmail.com

The time frame to complete this will be.. 21 to 30 days . 

• First 2-3 credit lines approved and completed in the first week

• Additional lines 3-5 more over the next 2-4 weeks

This is what we will need from you. . . 

• Signed Referral Agreement

• Signed Purchase Contract

• Provide residential address that has “never” been used for credit prior

>• Upfront fees by Check, Direct Bank Deposit, Moneygram, Western Union, Online Check, Dwolla.com or Wire Transfer

Unfortunately Money Does Not Grow On Trees!

Let Us Get You Approved For The Funds You Need!

Come and Get your CASH!

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