What are Tradelines? 

Simplify your credit report with a mortgage trade line from chase. All lines will report in exactly 21 business days. We do not offer excuses. If the line is not posted we provide a full refund with no questions asked. We know that won’t happen given the technology we have in place. This method is not for sale so please don’t ask. We are the only ones offering true Mortgage trades and Auto Tradelines in 21 days. Guaranteed to post


Pick a trade line that fits your credit needs below:

To start the process, pick a mortgage trade line and make your payment. We will need your name, address, social security number, date of birth and credit monitoring service. Please email us that information to “buycpnnumber@gmail.com” Our trade lines can possibly show up sooner than the maximum 21 days. We will monitor our work on a day to day basis. Our policy is simple, if it’s not there you get a full refund. We know how the business works, we hope you will work with us in the near future. Let’s get you started.

Auto Primary Tradelines

ONLY SSN FILES. These Post Much Faster the the Auto’s Listed at the end of this page.

Post to all Three Bureaus

Guarantee TWO Bureaus.

We up load on Fridays to one Bureau. Will show on your file 3 – 5 days after.

Next upload Date:  11th July 2014…orders MUST be in before 8th July 2014

LIMITED LINES: 30 per month.

Order Early!

Here is how it actually works:

Every week on Friday we post to ONE bureau.

Line will show on your credit report by the following Wednesday.

So you just have to wait 3 – 5 days to see on your report.

 – ONLY for east coast residence.

– Back Dating only 24 months ( We will still decide how long )

– Orders MUST be in before Tuesday, for us to enter the info and send to the Bureaus

What I need from your client:

– Car loan application that will be sent to you/ MUST fill out completely/ print / sign and send back per PDF File.

– Copy of SSN

– Copy of DL

– Bank Statement or Pay Stub ( ONE is fine )


$5K to 10K = $1550.00

$10+ to $15K = $1750.00

$15K+ – $20K = $1950.00

$25K Limited = $2300.00

When ordering please copy and paste into a new email and fill out:

Last Name:

First Name:

Middle Name:







Please attach:

1-  Loan Application

2- SSN Card

3- DL

4- Pay Stub or First page of bank Statement


This trade line will report for 12 months. It will post in exactly 21 business days from the date of purchase. If you purchase after 5:00 pm you will need 22 business days to be accurate. We guarantee our service.

auto tradelines


5k to 10k   $600

15k to 25k   $1200

30k to 40k   $2000