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A SCN number can be used in place of your Social Security Number when applying for credit as long as you fully disclose it is a SCN number. All SCNnumbers are privately issued numbers. This number does not replace your current Social Security Number and should never be used for government purposes.

Credit bureaus and creditors do not benefit when consumers obtain a new credit file. According to the 1974 privacy Act you are not obligated to give your Social Security Number to private industry, SCN numbers are legal and are to be used for credit purposes only and not for fraudulent intentions.

Obtaining a SCN will not relinquish you from any previous debt. You are still legally responsible for your own debt. All a SCN number is doing for you is giving you a second chance.

Why pay more for the same Services? We have been offering our services to businesses for over 6 years as a wholesale item to business for business creditservices. Our numbers our safe scanned and much more to insure the numberbelongs to you. The number can’t be used for any goverment services such as taxes, employment and goverment loans. When you receive your number you will need to start the credit building process such as credit cards. You can apply for them 48 hours from when you get your number. What are you waiting for?

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  1. I would like to purchase package 1 the SCN and the first credit card for 199.00 I can do a debit card . .how do i pay?

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